Friday, 18 July 2008

Looking for a Visionary

Help needed!

I have to write a 10 minute presentation on “vision” for the next ICAWC Conference. So I need some examples of great visionaries who have changed the world. A perfectly chilled glass of Pinot Grigio awaits anyone whose suggestions I use in the presentation. Suggestions at Dogs Trust HQ include Rosa Parks, Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, Leonardo Da Vinci and Martin Luther King. Any other offers?



Jacqui said...

one name

Tim Berners-Lee

Lorraine said...

Peter Singer, Marie Curie, Shakespeare, Salvador Dali, Bill Gates, The Beatles?

Peter Singer would be my choice, just because of his connection to animal welfare, his 'Animal Liberation' book changed the way the world thought of animals ethics and rights.

Dogs Trust said...

If Bill Gates gets a look-in, I vote Steve Jobs... but actually I'm with Jacqui and think Sir Tim Berners-Lee is a better choice.

Adrian Burder said...

Great suggestions. I grew up on a musical diet consisting almost entirely of the Beatles, so that suggestion appeals. As a lapsed veggie myself, Peter Singer might just be too guilt inducing. Sir Tim B-L will be in with a shout - I like the idea of someone being that important to world history, yet would anyone recognise him in the street?

Lorraine said...

I think Berners-Lee would be a great choice too - and it's unique that he is not a well known face either! The web changed the world entirely. It certainly has helped to raise awareness of animal issues and campaigns, so it's all good!!

Carolyn Menteith said...

Over the ICAWC years I have been listening to Mike Radford's educational and always entertaining talks..... and so the name that comes to my mind (thanks to Mike's 'Empty Chair' in Llubliana) is Richard Martin.

Thanks to him we had the very first animal welfare legislation.

Animals R Friends said...

You can also use:

"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by how their animals are treated".
-Mahatma Gandhi