Thursday, 30 October 2008

ICAWC 2008 Presentation: International Training Opportunities

Previous presentation: Tellington Touch - Sarah Fisher

David Newall, the former Deputy Director General of Battersea Dogs & Cats Home, now consults for Dogs Trust on international development. He is offering the chance for ICAWC delegates to gain training and experience through Dogs Trust.

4:35: "Welfare evolves, and we learn as well." The training can be a two way process. The areas covered include shelter management, veterinary matters, maketing, fundraising and media, rehoming, customer care, dog handling, shelter construction, first aid and education.

4:40: Brigitta, a previous attendee at a training session from Lithuania, speaks of her experiences. She talks of how they raised some money to get started, but then stalled on where to start - should it be neutering? Education? Shelters? The training gave her a place to start with helping dogs in Lithuania. She is joined in her recommendation by a fellow attendee (whose name, unfortunately, was lost in the clamour of applause for Brigitta!).

Delegates are due to arrive from all over the world, including India and Pakistan, for another session at Dogs Trust West London in a matter of weeks. The training itself is fully covered by Dogs Trust in terms of costs - if you can get yourselves to the UK, Dogs Trust will take care of the rest.

4:45: Educators are being educated! Teachers and animal welfare professionals are given the tools to teach children that "helping animals is everyone's responsibility". We always do need volunteers who can provide locations for future courses, and welcome contact from anyone who can help.

And now... some ice to dip my hands in! The delegates, though, will be treated to a 'speakeasy', which is a chance to have a chat with any of today's speakers and ask all those pressing questions.


End of the day! Come back tomorrow for more.

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