Friday, 31 October 2008

ICAWC 2008 Presentation: Vision: the What, the Why and the How - Andy Ashcroft

Previous presentation: Making the Best for Feral Cats - Becky Robinson

Andy, a business consultant and ex-Civil Servant, is now part of Dogs Trust's team. He's clearly sport mad as we seem to be talking about football, tennis and the Olympic Games! This is because the one thing every sporting great has in common is knowing what they want to achieve and why. He continues on from Adrian's thoughts about setting a vision and creating a business plan.

12:00: Why is Tiger Woods so successful? Because he focussed just on golf from a very early age. Sport psychologists focus on the what, the why and the how. Charities must do the same.

Is it just about winning a game? Or about winning the whole tournament?

12:10: Andy uses a case study of community that wanted to reduce the problem of prostitution in the area. They did it by coming to the pub which sold women and staring at prostitutes and clients until they were embarrassed. Within three years, the problem was solved, they moved to creating more opportunities to women and empowering them. Eventually the same pub became the headquarters of a positive movement.

12:15: Another case study:

What? An interventionist AW organisation for Poland
Why? To protect animals
How? Took inspiration from the RSPCA to create unifomed guard, volunteers etc.
Results? Within two years, 48 uniformed volunteers, 300 in total. Next year, RSPCA will train further volunteers and the Polish Prime Minister and Dogs Trust have offered some financial support.


Next presentation: The Universal Declaration for Animal Welfare - Peter Davies

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