Thursday, 30 October 2008

ICAWC 2008 Presentation: Raising the Status of Companion Animals (The Canine Charter) - Clarissa Baldwin

Previous presentation: Animal Welfare: The Business of Saving Lives - Mike Arms

After a coffee break and some time to take in the inspiring words heard this morning, we'll be back with Clarissa's short cameo presentation about the value that can be placed on our wonderful pets.

11:30: And we're back! Every other nervous speaker is glad they don't have to follow Mike's wonderfully inspirational speech, but Clarissa has stepped bravely into the role, and is being introduced by Adrian Burder, our Marketing Director (remember? He asked you to pick a visionary).

11:35: Clarissa begins by quoting from Dean Koontz's The Darkest Evening of the Year on the status of dogs, and what it means to be a dog lover. She's also recapping last week's re-launch of the the Canine Charter for Human Health. How can those points about the emotional and physical health benefits of dog ownership be used to get Mayors and municipalities understanding the value of animals and the importance of saving their lives?

Clarissa will be back with another short presentation tomorrow.


Next presentation: Education - Anneleise Smillie

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