Thursday, 30 October 2008

ICAWC 2008 Presentation: Tellington Touch - Sarah Fisher

Previous presentation: Worldwide Veterinary Service - Luke Gamble

Since we covered quite a lot of Sarah's T Touch approach at her brilliant workshop yesterday, I'm going to give my writing fingers a rest and employ my trigger finger... shooting photos! I hope to get a few pictures up here shortly and encourage you to meet Sarah at any opportunity. Not only is she an engaging speaker (and a lovely woman), her techniques are best experienced rather than read about.

Right, index finger at the ready:

Helping a horse with severe agitation problems to accept stables and horse boxes with lasting results.

Sarah is showing a series of videos on how the process works, including work on a cat who couldn't stand to be touched. She's also shown us a couple of slides which show coat patterns that might indicate muscle tension or even injury, even when there don't appear to be any other signs of it.

Showing the different types of touch (llama = back of hand, chimp = fingers curved etc)
. Here showing light zig zags.

Another video, another wonderful, moving success story. This time a very overexcited pup that was snapping and jerking until his ears and head were very gently stroked using the T Touch techniques. More movement and body work and positive reinforcement follows for lasting results.

Animals that can't be touched at first can be approached with a feather, paint brush, fake hand or stroking stick. These are cheap, effective resources - and they work.


Next presentation: International Training Opportunities - David Newall

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