Friday, 31 October 2008

ICAWC 2008 Presentation: TNR: The Template - Carolyn Menteith

Previous presentation: The Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare - Peter Davies

Carolyn is a very experienced dog trainer, behaviourist and broadcaster. On behalf of Dogs Trust and Battersea Dogs & Cats Home, she is launching the TNR Template.

12:45: This template is an adaptable guide to setting up a Trap Neuter Return programme anywhere. It takes them through the whole process from deciding if there is a problem and what the scale of it is to celebrating successes.

The template came out of work done by Dogs Trust, Battersea and, originally, North Shore Animal League in Oradea, Romania. You can read more about this International project online. SOS Dogs Oradea has proved so successful that as of January 2008 both major sponsors were able to pull out of the project, allowing the staff in Oradea and Robert Smith, the man who inspired the project, to completely take over and continue the work.

12:50: In the spirit of events like ICAWC, the plan was always to pass on all the advice and knowledge gained. There's no point in re-inventing the wheel, and making the same mistakes. Carolyn was commissioned to write the template, and establish the language, content and delivery of it.

It's not easy - but the information can be delivered in a straightforward and freely available fashion. This resource is completely and utterly free.

You can download the template online, and visit the Facebook page. It is designed to be used as a web resource, as it's fully interactive, but can also be printed. It's colour-coded, and starts from "can I do it, should I do it?".

12:55: Carolyn is taking the delegates through each section's contents.

1:00: This template can only help people be a success if they know about it and where they can find it. Please put the links above on your website, social networking pages or any other resource that you have. If you think that someone can benefit from it, please tell them.


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