Friday, 31 October 2008

ICAWC 2008 Presentation: Vision / Mission / Strategy - Adrian Burder

Previous presentation: Practical tips for Avoiding Stress in Companion Animal Handling - Caroline Bower

Adrian is Dogs Trust's Marketing Director (and my boss!).

Three things to remember:
  • You have to have a vision
  • You have to stretch it to the limit
  • You can't be afraid of failure!
Your vision has to be challenging and inspiring to make it worth the while. Adrian quotes JFK's ambitions on achieving a moon landing within the decade as one of the most inspiring statements ever made.

Why do something difficult? Because it's difficult, and because people think it's impossible.

10:30: The next stage is selling that vision. It doesn't matter how small or poor an organisation is to start with, if that vision is successfully sold then the ability to expand and do more work and achieve your goals will come. Your mission statement mustn't be gathering dust in a folder somewhere, it's got to be part of everything you do.

People will mock difficult visions - even your own staff! That doesn't matter. "It's not the critic who counts... the credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena..." (Theodore Roosevelt: read the rest of the quote here).

10:35: Banish negative thoughts - don't die not knowing! Even if you fail to achieve everything you wanted, you can know you tried your hardest. And be part of a wider vision.


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